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Teneos Bone & Cartilage Morphometric Analysis Tools

OsteoQA software package enable the semi-automatic segmentation of bone from soft tissue based on an imaging foresting algorithm followed be a series of mask formation and skeletonization. Final computations provide measures of bone mechanical strength, trabecular porosity, degree of anisotropy and connectivity. OsteoQ can be applied to any MRI or QCT-based images including scans from any MRI, full body QCT, pQCT and hr-pQCT. 

A series of steps are involved for cortical shell identification - independent of density thresholds. Image contrast is identified between cortical bone and surrounding soft tissue, the marrow space area is quantified. The difference image provides cortical region of interest. The resulting area is used to compute cortical thickness through various averaging procedures. 

CartilagePro - A semi-automatic segmentation algorithm enabling slice-by-slice analysis of cartilage morphometry from knee MR images. A Djkstra algorithm is employed to copy previous cartilage segmentations forward to minimize user intervention. Validity of measurements have been validated against cartilage samples ex vivo. Measures of cartilage thickness, volume and region-specific deterioration can be computed. 


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