Current Projects at CAMRIS

At CAMRIS, our research focus is largely musculoskeletal. Our imaging infrastructure has enabled high impact studies on bone quality in rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and in osteoporosis; on muscle quality in knee osteoarthritis and frailty; and on cartilage and ligament injuries in osteoarthritis. The multidisciplinary nature of our projects empowers our team to execute projects with a high degree of rigour. Below you will find a list of our current projects. 

Dr. Jonathan D. Adachi
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Welcome to CAMRIS - Our team of collaborative scientists work through various avenues of musculoskeletal health research to improve the lives of Canadian men and women. We are very pleased with our progress to date and I invite you to review our research projects

Our Mission

To promote academic excellence by pursuing innovative research ideas, conducting high quality research studies, fostering multidisciplinary collaborations and facilitating the education and success of students and young investigators.





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Bone Quality Studies

  1. The CaMos Bone Quality Study ((hr)-pQCT vs. DXA for Fx Risk Prediction)- Andy Kin On Wong
  2. Multi-modality comparison, validation and cross-calibration of bone architecture: 1T pMRI, pQCT, hr-pQCT - Andy Kin On Wong
  3. Bone microstructural phantom design - MR and CT compatible - Andy Kin On Wong

Arthritis Studies

  1. Total knee arthroplasty cohort study - Andy Kin On Wong
  2. Volume Measurement of Bone Erosions in Rheumatoid Arthritis - Patrick Emond
  3. The Effect of Biannual Monitoring With Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), X-ray, or Usual Care on Treatment for Inflammatory Arthritis (MRx) - Ruben Tavares
  1. GALS - Gait, Arms, Legs, Spine - Dr. Karen Beattie
  2. The FRAX Tool - Implementation in Primary Health Care - Dr. Karen Beattie

Intervention Studies 
  1. Strontium Citrate & Bone Quality in Rats - Dr. Karen Beattie
  2. Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis with Low Intenisty Ultrasound (LIUS) - Adalberto Loyola-Sanchez

Muscle Quality Studies
  1. The CaMos Muscle Quality Study (muscle density vs. rate of frailty change) - Andy Kin On Wong
  2. pMRI and pQCT muscle & muscle adiposity precision, validation - Andy Kin On Wong
  3. Thigh muscle longitudinal changes as risk factor for knee osteoarthritis - Dr. Karen Beattie

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