Canadian MSK Imaging (CaMSKi) Network

1.0T pMRI, pQCT, hr-pQCT - All across 8 major Canadian municipalities

With the participation of over 12 academic / hospital institutions within Canada and collaborators around the world.

Meet our CaMSKi network investigators




HHSC HMRC Queens         Shriners

McGill         CHEORI

UBC                             UofS                             UOttawa


We offer our services to both clinical and pre-clinical scientific communities:

1) Single-centre or multi-centre imaging
2) Image segmentation & outcome computation
3) Medical outcome discovery, development
4) Bone, muscle and fat imaging of human arms & legs
5) Other CT and MRI-based outcomes
6) Small animal imaging (140 mm diameter max)

For interest in access to any of these imaging modalities, please email us at: