The CaMos Bone Quality Study (BQS)

Dr. Jonathan D. Adachi Andy Kin On Wong

The Canadian Multicentre Osteoporosis Bone Quality Study (BQS) is co-directed by Andy Kin On Wong and Dr. Jonathan D. Adachi, leading a team of Canadians. 

Using the CaMos cohort of over 2200 women over 60 years of age, the CaMos BQS will examine the bone structure and mechanical properties across six major municipalities in Canada.

Pilot Studies in Bone & Muscle Quality

Andy Kin On Wong - Hamilton, ON - A cohort of CaMos women were scanned on XtremeCT, pQCT and pMRI where bone microstructural measures were compared. The study informed on how comparable scans on different technologies were, and how reproducible they are over the short and long-(1-year) term.

Muscle measures were also obtained from pQCT and pMRI, compared to one another and analyzed using two kinds of software - Stratec (original manufacturer) and Sliceomatic. Poorer muscle density was shown to correlate to a history of fragility fractures in women. 

Steven Boyd - Calgary, AB - A larger cohort of men and women were scanned on XtremeCT to provide a starting normative sample of bone structural measures. Cortical porosity was examined in this cohort and compared in those with and without a history of fragility fractures.

  • Introduction & Rationale
  • Primary and Secondary Objectives
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Clinical Impact
  • Introduction to the CaMos BQS

    The CaMos BQS is funded by the Canadian Institute of Health Research - March 2011