Janet Pritchard, PhD, BSc

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Medical Sciences: Physiology & Pharmacology
McMaster University, Hamilton ON

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Janet Pritchard

Janet Pritchard is a PhD Candidate in the Medical Sciences Program in the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University. She is a graduate from the University of Guelph, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Human Kinetics. During Janet's undergraduate years, she served as an Education and Wellness Promotion Co-Chair for Osteoporosis Canada for the Waterloo-Wellington Chapter, which sparked her desire to continue her education in skeletal health research. Janet also gained research experience during her 4th year as a thesis student for Dr. David Dyck, where she was a contributor on a project investigating the impact of a high-fat diet on adiponectin resistance in rats.

Janet is currently working on her PhD Degree in Medical Sciences under the supervision of Drs. Alexandra Papaioannou, Rick Adachi, Stephanie Atkinson, Lora Giangregorio (University of Waterloo), Karen Beattie and Henry Schwarcz. Janet's graduate research focuses on understanding how type 2 diabetes influences bone. Through the use of novel methods and technologies, Janet has investigated the impact of type 2 diabetes on trabecular bone microarchitecture at the distal radius, calf cross-sectional muscle area and infiltration of adipose tissue, and bone mineralization. Janet also has research interests in the epidemiology of fractures in adults with type 2 diabetes, and has recently completed an analysis of a large cohort of women in the Manitoba Bone Density Program Database. Janet has been successful in receiving funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Training Program in Skeletal Health Research. Her projects have been supported by the Lloyd Carr Harris Foundation and Amgen Canada.