Hao Wu, MSc

PhD Medical Sciences
McMaster University, Hamilton ON

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Hao Wu

Hao Wu finished medical school in China, receiving systematic and comprehensive training in medical imaging. To obtain an academic degree in Canada, Hao decided to undertake graduate study in the field of medical sciences. In 2003, Hao applied and was accepted as a Master's student in the faculty of health sciences, McMaster University. By December of 2005, he successfully finished a master degree and then enrolled in a Ph.D. program with the same supervisors, Drs. Adachi and Webber, at McMaster University.

"I was delighted to be given the opportunity to participate, as a graduate student, in a research program which investigates the impact of disease progression of osteoarthritis using magnetic resonance image (MRI), biomarkers of cartilage turnover and symptom evaluation questionnaire. I anticipate that successful completion of this program will improve my standard of practice and will give me a rare opportunity to follow a career pathway within my own sphere of academic interest."

PhD Supervisory Committee